Friday, September 12, 2008

Easy Fall Entertaining: Napa-Inspired Open House

My husband and I moved into our "first new house" a few months ago, and are just starting to feel settled. To celebrate, we're throwing an afternoon open house on October 5th. We honeymooned in Napa earlier this summer, so it just felt natural to throw a Napa-inspired open house! Here are some of our party inspirations:

Since people will be coming and going all afternoon, we're planning to keep the decorations simple (the house is supposed to be the attraction, after all!) and the foods easy-to-manage. We love the idea of grilled pizza, bruschetta, meat and cheese plates, apple tartlets and soup "shots." Of course, we can't have a "Napa-inspired" party without wine, so we're planning to have a bunch of our favorite vintages on hand (and some microbrews for the beer-drinking crowd.) 

Stay tuned for pictures of what we come up with! If you have thoughts, ideas or recipes to share to help us plan, we'd love to hear them! 

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